Our Team

Ms. Jyotshna Shrestha
Ms. Shrestha is the designated Managing Director of LAMSS. Ms. Shrestha has a Masters Degree in Human and Natural Resources and is also a certified Psychosocial Counselor. She brings with her an enriching national and international experience of translation and interpretation and has over nine years of experience. Experience and expertise includes working with national level NGOs, INGOs and international development programs in designing and conducting training, facilitating workshops and providing backstopping/supervision support to its staff.

Clients worked with:
British Council, UNDP/Prepare, UNDP/AVR, UNDP/CPP, UNWomen, Carfiff University-UK, ActionContre la Faim, Search for Common Grounds, US Anti-terrorism Assistance Program-Jordan, GIZ,Inmedio-Berlin, Asian Dalit Rights Forum, CREA-India, IOM, Pro-Public, OXFAM Nepal, OXFAM Australia, SDC, Swiss Embassy, Ministry of General Administration, CMC-Nepal, Winrock International, Kurve Wustrow, PNCC, Diplomacy Training Center-Australia

Mr. Manoj Karki
Mr. Karki is the designated Director of Media of LAMSS. He has extensive experience in translation and interpretation and has a media background with international exposure. With more than 15 years of experience, Mr. Karki brings his wealth of expertise in interpretation and translation with absolute excellence. He holds a masters degree in Sociology/Anthropology and also in Political Science. Mr Karki also has a long experience working as a media coordinator as well as a rapporteur and report writer.

Clients worked with: UNDP, Nepal (with various projects since 2006), UNICEF, UN Women, UNHCR,
UN WFP, ILO, IOM, Swiss Development Corporation, the US Embassy, International IDEA, OXFAM,GiZ, Asia Foundation, Amnesty International London Office, American Red Cross, Winrock International, Mission East, The Embassy of Denmark, The Austrian Embassy, Ideas to Impact, UK,the World Bank, Save the Children, International Land Coalition, The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, Pro Public, INSEC Nepal, Freedom Forum, Community Self-reliance Centre, Nepal, CECI,Nepal
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Mr. Bibhushan Timsina
Mr. Bibhushan Timsina is the Technical Director of LAMSS. He has over 10 years of experience in translation and interpretation and 16 years of ongoing experience in transcription and sub-titling.With a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources and Certification in Multitrack Peace Mediation from Berlin. He also happens to be one of the Academic Speaker of World Ecotourism Conference held in KL, Malaysia in the year 2010. With background in Tourism planning, Red Panda Conservation,project management, training and event management, he brings his expertise in the technical aspect of the company in addition to translation and interpretation. He is also Certified Expert/ Gold/Exclusive Translator/ Reviewer/Language Editor/Translator Editor of One Hour Translation, ISO9001:2008 Certified #2626551.He is also a qualified and experienced transcriptionist with over 16 years of ongoing experience.

Clients worked with (Translation & Interpretation):
UNDP/CPP, UNDP/CLD, Ministry of General Administration, Nepal; GiZ, US Department of Justice, US Anti-terrorism Assistance Program-Jordan, Water-Aid, Nepal;London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine; INASP, UK; ILO, Visual Communicacion, Spain; Winrock International, Nepal;BBC Media Action; Kathmandu School of Law;Women Lawyers Joining Hands; Forum for Women, Law and
Development;Women for Human Rights;Kurve Wustrow ; Save The Children, Nepal ; Thaga Connect, UK; FHI 360; Parents Federation for People with Intellectual Disability ; CORD Nepal ; IoM;US Department of State IPPOS; Swiss Development Corporation;SAIEVAC; Antenna Foundation;Public Services International Friends of Australia; Diplomacy Training Center-Australia, Inmedio Berlin, SCP

Ms. Kiran Adhikari
Ms. Adhikari is the designated Administrative Manager of LAMSS.With M.Phil in Sociology from Tribhuvan University, Ms. Adhikari brings in her combined experience in project management,training and talent retention with her 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry in international chain of hotel in managerial capacity and experience in the I/NGO sector . She is also amultilingual with fluency in English, Nepali, Hindi, and Newari languages.

Clients Worked With:
Kantipur FM, Lalitpur; Hyatt Regency Kathmandu; Save The Children, Nepal